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Seeding the Dances of Universal Peace in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.


What is it?

The Beyond Initiative is a project dedicated to planting the seeds of the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. DUP is a modern methodology of spiritual practice that draws wisdom from the different traditions of the world in order to awaken planetary consciousness and build communities. This program began in 2018 as a collaboration between start up funding from DUP-IN and the Global Ecovillage Network who provided contacts with local organisers in this regions. With each year we have seen more allies and independent funding contribute to the project. Currently the Beyond Initiative operates as an autonomous project reporting periodically to the DUP-IN, who serve as a channel for donations and are the guarantor of its integrity. Our focus is on young people who want to train and organise local workshops in their local environments. We organise annual regional/continental training camps and invite fellow dance leaders in training to join from the surrounding countries. If you would like to watch a video about DUP please follow this link. And for a more in depth video on the Beyond Initiative, please follow here.


Our Team.


Lakshmi Tamariz

Born in Ecuador, Lakshmi is a Mother, Wife, Chef and Artist at heart. On the Sufi path for more than 20 years while supporting the local circle in Cuenca, Lakshmi combines the Dances with Sufi practices and teachings. She is a mentor in the DUP, a Sheikha and Siraj of the Sufi Ruhaniat International in the Sufi lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan and member of the DUP Guidance Council.


Malika Baranes

Colombian by birth, Malika has formal training in Music, Transpersonal Psychology, Literature, and Anthropology. She is a mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi guide for the S.R.I., a flute player and performer and singer of sacred music of various mystical philosophies. She participates as a guest teacher in the USA, different countries in Latin America and Europe. Malika also leads mantra meditation sessions and has explored a path of healing through her voice.

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Arjun Calero

Arjun lives in Atlantida Ecovillage in the Andes of Colombia, a place he co-founded in 2003 with friends and family to fully embody the search for an alternative and restorative way of life on the planet. As a biologist, Arjun has worked for years with local native communities and environmental groups and schools.  He is a senior mentor in DUP and a Sufi Teacher at the S.R.I. 

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Juan Nuraddin

Born in Spain, Juan has hosted and guided DUP gatherings in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Iran, Italy, United Kingdom, Morocco, Tunisia, Türkiye and Spain. His clarinet is part of his journey with several Sufi communities around the world in deepening in the language of the heart.  He is a DUP mentor with students in several countries and is currently nurturing a vibrant community of practitioners in different regions of Spain, particularly in the area around Valencia. 


Roxana Campos

Also known as Nur Jaham and born in Chile, Roxana is a prominent actress, peace activist, facilitator of women's circles and a sahumadora. She provides accompaniment and guidance in ceremonies and rites of passage. She serves as mentor in the DUP family and as a Sheika and Cherag of the S.R.I. For years she has been traveling to different parts of the world teaching ritual courses and sharing the DUP. 


Jessie Gelpke

Jessie was born in Italy, raised in the UK and now based in Colombia. She has volunteered since the beginning of the project to support in different admin and logistical aspects. Now she is in charge of the communications (the making and managing of this web page, the Instagram profile and the visual memory of the workshops, camps and caravans). Her design projects also include custom jewellery, interiors, ceremonial altars and personal colour analysis.


Join In

There are several ways to participate in Beyond Initiative activities. If you are a resident of any of the three areas (Asia, Middle East and Africa) you can check if there is a practice circle already happening in your country and join in. You can also come to one of the regional or national DUP training camps offered in your region. Meanwhile, if you are part of the DUP movement outside of these regions, you are welcomed to join one of our Caravans to experience and support the training of local emergent leaders while traveling through spiritually rich destinations.

Regional Training Camps

Immerse yourself in training as a DUP dance leader.


Local Workshops

Find out where the nearest DUP workshop or circle is, or get involved in organising one.


DUP Caravans

Join us on a DUP adventure hosted by our local friends in Türkiye and Vietnam.

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Photo 8-02-24, 21 25 51.jpg

Caravan in Türkiye

Our People.

In addition to the team, the Beyond Initiative receives the support of other DUP mentors who are actively guiding students in the project areas. You can also take a look at the rich emergent diverse community of DUP facilitators in training. Many of them also organise local circles, national gathering, international training camps and Caravan.

Local Leaders & Organisers

Find out who is organising DUP events in your country and get involved


Supporting International Mentors

Experiences DUP mentors and leaders volunteering their time to help train the next generation


The most memorable moment for me was when the last dance was performed to the beautiful song, “May All Beings.” For the very last time, we gathered in a circle..  creating an intimate experience of connection. With hands held and eyes locked, we gracefully moved to the rhythm and melody of the music, embodying the profound essence of the mantra. Singing with heartfelt passion, we showered each other with love and peace. Thus, our Sangha was born.

Annjil Chong, Malaysia


Our Allies.

We work with local projects, centres and organisations as well as international networks to manifest our vision of empowerment, harmony and beauty among alternative communities and world changers. Learn more below about some of our main allies. 


One of the original and main allies for the Beyond Initiative has been the Ecovillage Atlantida.

It's a community in Colombia focused on living in harmony with nature and building a new way of life. They host the main DUP Training Camp for Latin America and most of the methodology and inspiration for the Beyond Initiative evolved from these gatherings. The camp has sponsored dance leaders in training from the Middle East and provided a mature and integrated experience of how the dances can grow.

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Contact & Support Us.

We are doing miracles with the limited funds provided by our own DUP global community. You can support this project by joining our next Caravan, helping to spread the word, providing key contacts in the new areas, sponsoring scholarships in your own camps for the emergent leaders to go and experience your community and/or directly donating some funds to DUP International. No matter how big or small, we will make the most of it. To do it just follow the link bellow and earmark the donation with "Beyond Initiative". For all other purposes just send us a message.

Thank You

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